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Gem Fusion: Pietersite by aartisticTheatrics Gem Fusion: Pietersite :iconaartistictheatrics:aartisticTheatrics 7 3 Gem OC: Small Vantablack by aartisticTheatrics Gem OC: Small Vantablack :iconaartistictheatrics:aartisticTheatrics 1 0 Gem Fusion: Synthetic Black Opal by aartisticTheatrics Gem Fusion: Synthetic Black Opal :iconaartistictheatrics:aartisticTheatrics 5 0 Gemsona: Corrupted Moonstone by aartisticTheatrics Gemsona: Corrupted Moonstone :iconaartistictheatrics:aartisticTheatrics 1 4 RRO Fusion: Desert Rose by aartisticTheatrics RRO Fusion: Desert Rose :iconaartistictheatrics:aartisticTheatrics 9 3 BF: Mandarin Garnet by aartisticTheatrics BF: Mandarin Garnet :iconaartistictheatrics:aartisticTheatrics 0 0 RRO: Desert Rose Relationship Call by aartisticTheatrics RRO: Desert Rose Relationship Call :iconaartistictheatrics:aartisticTheatrics 5 25 Mystery Aesthetic Adopts [2/8 OPEN] by aartisticTheatrics Mystery Aesthetic Adopts [2/8 OPEN] :iconaartistictheatrics:aartisticTheatrics 6 6 RRO App: Desert Rose by aartisticTheatrics RRO App: Desert Rose :iconaartistictheatrics:aartisticTheatrics 8 5 RRO Prompt: Corruption by aartisticTheatrics RRO Prompt: Corruption :iconaartistictheatrics:aartisticTheatrics 11 0 RRO: My Way~~ by aartisticTheatrics RRO: My Way~~ :iconaartistictheatrics:aartisticTheatrics 7 3 RRO: Dancer by aartisticTheatrics RRO: Dancer :iconaartistictheatrics:aartisticTheatrics 8 3 Feldspar Hospital by aartisticTheatrics Feldspar Hospital :iconaartistictheatrics:aartisticTheatrics 3 0 RRO: Look he has arms by aartisticTheatrics RRO: Look he has arms :iconaartistictheatrics:aartisticTheatrics 18 5 RRO: Vantablack Relationship Call by aartisticTheatrics RRO: Vantablack Relationship Call :iconaartistictheatrics:aartisticTheatrics 7 37 RRO App: Vantablack by aartisticTheatrics RRO App: Vantablack :iconaartistictheatrics:aartisticTheatrics 10 13


sketch: rg by PineappleSan sketch: rg :iconpineapplesan:PineappleSan 9 4
From now you can get
Brand New Music Theme for Your OC From Me
What you need to do? Send me message (PM) covering:
what type of music you want to get, show me your OC picture/s, they lifestyle, characteristics etc.
similar music examples/themes, you can even send me your vocal if you want it to be in music,
what type of music you want (8-bit music or orchestral).
Costs & Payments
Costs are shown below on the image. Shortly - chiptune repeating music (up to 5 channels) = 17$, chiptune repeating music (up to 10 channels) = 24$, single chiptune complex music (up to 5 channels) = 30 $, single chiptune complex music (up to 10 channels) = 45 $, orchestral music = 45$. By 5 or 10 channels I mean the quantity of max single instruments played at once (like lead, bass and percussion cam be played at once).
Song with text and vocals
I won't sing for you but if you have prepared text for a song I can make theme with melody line - first be sure
:icontherockydoo:TheRockyDoo 17 7
YouTube Wars Character: JonTron
Real Name: Johnathan Jafari
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Skin Color: White
Voice Actor: JonTron
Bio: An American YouTuber
Intro: JonTron flies into the arena, arms outstretched, being carried by Jacques and Spaghetti. Jacques and Spaghetti are carrying JonTron by his hair, flapping their little wings to safety land JonTron on the arena floor. Once JonTron is safely on the arena, Jacques and Spaghetti flies away.
End Of Round Action: JonTron throws a Gamecube disc upwards, it quickly returns to him and he puts it away.

Jacques and Spaghetti fly to JonTron, him holding up his arm and the two birds sitting on his arm.
Forward Grab: JonTron lifts opponent and simpy tosses them forward.
Backward Grab: JonTron lifts opponent and simply tosses them backwards.
Special Moves:
Jacques and Spaghetti fly from behind JonTr
:iconsuperawesometacoman:superawesometacoman 1 0
Mermaid AU Sketches by PineappleSan Mermaid AU Sketches :iconpineapplesan:PineappleSan 6 2
List of Opals + Opal Variations
Hey guys, I kinda wanted to compile a list of Opals- cause I haven't necessarily seen a list of Opals yet- and I wanna keep track of Opals for adopts + such. You can use this list for whatever you'd like! No need to ask! You can also consider this a challenge! These will be in alphabetical order! Please note that some of these opals may turn out to be the same- but for myself, I tend to make those "similar" ones different and unique, just for fun! I did add in some "fake' Opals- mostly because they sound nice (imo)!
If you need help with possible color palettes, please do reach out to me!
Angel OpalAustralian Black OpalAustralian Fire OpalAmerican OpalAndamooka OpalBoulder OpalBlack OpalBlack Prince OpalBlue OpalBrazilian OpalCat's Eye OpalCoober Pedy Opal'Common' OpalCrystal OpalContra-Luz OpalDendretic OpalDark OpalDoublet OpalEthiopian OpalEuropean OpalFairy OpalFire OpalOpalized Fossil (Fossil Opal)Fluorescent OpalGilson OpalGalaxy OpalHonduran OpalHoneycomb OpalHoney OpalHungarian
:icondeathandthemoon:DEATHANDTHEMOON 20 2
List of Amethysts + Amethyst Variations
So I decided to google some Amethyst variations- there aren't many, but as I find more I'll try my best to add them in this list! You can also help me add to this list by commenting if you know of any variations of Amethyst out there! Like the last list of my Opals- feel free to use this for your own references, adopts, etc! 
Africa AmethystAqua Aura AmethystAngel Aura AmethystAmethyst-QuartzAmetrine (Amethyst + Citrine)Bolivian AmethystBrazilian AmethystBanded AmethystChevron AmethystFancy AmethystFrost AmethystGreen AmethystGrape AmethystLavender AmethystLight AmethystPale AmethystPlum AmethystRainbow Aura AmethystSiberian AmethystUruguay AmethystWinter Amethyst
Last Listing of Opals:
:icondeathandthemoon:DEATHANDTHEMOON 15 10
Daily Painting 1695# Chronicles of Yarnia by Cryptid-Creations Daily Painting 1695# Chronicles of Yarnia :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 4,451 154 Tiny Hunger by Whitewing1122 Tiny Hunger :iconwhitewing1122:Whitewing1122 64 8 Creature doodles: abstract concepts by JWNutz Creature doodles: abstract concepts :iconjwnutz:JWNutz 81 21 Aqua Corrupt by PineappleSan Aqua Corrupt :iconpineapplesan:PineappleSan 6 7 RRO - Desert Rose Fusion by ANannyMouse3 RRO - Desert Rose Fusion :iconanannymouse3:ANannyMouse3 17 3 RRO Non-cannon Fusion by ChataDyer RRO Non-cannon Fusion :iconchatadyer:ChataDyer 28 4 Big Hair Big Secrets by Death2Eden Big Hair Big Secrets :icondeath2eden:Death2Eden 38 4 Sodalite's Court Application Blue Amber by weebasaur Sodalite's Court Application Blue Amber :iconweebasaur:weebasaur 3 2 Mystery gem adopt reveal: Rose Gold by Pr1ncessPancakes Mystery gem adopt reveal: Rose Gold :iconpr1ncesspancakes:Pr1ncessPancakes 6 2 Fusion: Vayrynenite by PineappleSan Fusion: Vayrynenite :iconpineapplesan:PineappleSan 5 0





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Gem Fusion: Pietersite
This is the excitable fusion of my Desert Rose and netflixandsapphire 's Azurite. The fusion was originally designed by them and I just added the jacket. I love her so much, she's very sweet and easily distracted and excited. I would assume this fusion is canon because they're both rebels and Rosey likes to fuse in secret. I hope you guys like her as much as I do.
63 deviations
Sodalite's Court Adopts [OPEN 5/8]
These are adopts that I made to go into Sodalite's Court. You don't have to put them in it but if you're in the court or you plan on entering the court these are only 40:points: while if you aren't in it or you don't want to enter then it's 70:points:.

1. Aquamarine SOLD TO TrustyArts
2. Ivory
3. Blue Amber SOLD TO weebasaur
4. Sea Jasper
5. Blue Ruby
6. Star Sapphire
7. Galaxite SOLD TO GHRainbowFluorite
8. Vantablack SOLD TO GHRainbowFluorite
Gem OC: Small Vantablack
This is another Vantablack that is roughly the size of canon Amethyst. They live on the planet with the other off colors. They used to live in a lab on homeworld with other Vantablacks but no job was decided for them and they were discarded.


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My name is Matt.
I'm a Leo.
I guess you could say I'm obsessed with Pokemon and Steven Universe and maybe homestuck
Currently with PineappleSan <3
He/Him Pronouns
On the Kinsey Scale I'm about a 1 or a 2

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